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Connecting Your ShipStation Account
Connecting Your ShipStation Account

Learn how to connect your ShipStation account to Sellbrite.

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Connecting your ShipStation account to Sellbrite is easy, just follow the steps below. Click here to learn more about ShipStation, and to sign up.


Part 1: Generate Authorization

1. Login to your Sellbrite account.

2. Go to the Settings page (gear icon in top-right corner).

3. Click on App Store on the left menu.

4. Choose ShipStation > Setup.

5. Click the Generate Authorization button to generate the username and password you'll use to authorize your account.

Part 2: Set Up a Custom Store in ShipStation

1. Login to your ShipStation Account

2. In ShipStation, go to Account Settings > Selling Channels

3. Click on the Connect a Store or Marketplace button

4. Find and choose the Sellbrite Store option.

5. Copy and paste the Username and Password from Sellbrite into the fields on that page.

6. Leave the default URL value.

7. Click Test Connection to see if everything is working correctly.

8. Click on Finish to make this store active in ShipStation!

Part 3: Deactivate your Current ShipStation Channels

IMPORTANT: You must deactivate your current channels (eBay, Amazon, etc.) in ShipStation so that you don’t get duplicate orders.

On the Account Settings > Selling Channels page, and repeat the following steps for each of the current channels you have connected which Sellbrite supports (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.).

1. Click Edit.

2. Uncheck the option for Is Active? Inactive stores are hidden throughout ShipStation.

3. Click Save Changes.

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