Inbox Notifications & Messages

Learn how inbox notifications and messages work in Sellbrite.

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Sellbrite alerts you to the status of various activities by sending Notifications in the application. Notifications appear on the top right of your screen.

Clicking on the Notifications will reveal the details of the notification. Notifications are sent for many regular Sellbrite events, such as Completed Data Import/Exports, Completed Reports, Channel Connection Errors, Announcements, and more. If applicable, a download link for your Export/Report will also be available within the Notification details.



Underneath your Notifications is a link to Messages:

Messages are currently compatible with the eBay marketplace only. Merchants with eBay accounts connected will now receive all buyer/seller messages, along with messages from eBay, in their Messages Inbox.

Merchants can read and reply to the buyer/seller messages. All messages can be deleted from Sellbrite, which will also delete them on eBay.

Merchants will receive a notification within the app when they get a new message. Messages in Sellbrite can be filtered by Unread, Read or Replied statuses.

If you already have a way of processing these messages outside of Sellbrite and would like to stop new messages from being imported, messages can be turned off from the Channel Settings page.

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