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Order Fulfillment with ShipStation
Order Fulfillment with ShipStation

Learn how orders are fulfilled with ShipStation and updated on the sales channels.

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Once you connect your sales channels to Sellbrite, new orders from those channels will begin flowing into Sellbrite.

Orders that have been paid and have a status to Ready to Ship in Sellbrite will be automatically passed into ShipStation, and will be available in your ShipStation interface to create labels.

As you create shipments for the orders in ShipStation, the shipment information (ship date, carrier, tracking number) is passed back to Sellbrite. The shipment will be displayed on the Order detail page and will have a status of Sending to Channel. This means that Sellbrite is automatically passing the shipment information on to the channel the order originated on.

Once the channel accepts the shipment information from Sellbrite, the order in Sellbrite will be marked as Shipped and the order status will change to Completed. The shipment status within the order will change to Completed as well. Until then, the status will remain as Open.

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