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Step 5: Verify your Inventory is accurate
Step 5: Verify your Inventory is accurate

In Go-Live Step 5, check that your inventory is accurate before using Sellbrite to push new quantities out to your channels.

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Verify Your Inventory is Accurate

Before you allow Sellbrite to update your inventory quantities in your channel listings, make sure to verify the quantities stored in Sellbrite are accurate. Think of the inventory quantities as your inventory master sheet, which contains your true count of on-hand inventory.

Check your inventory quantities by clicking Products Tab >Inventory.

This will take you to the Inventory Page.

There are a few ways to update inventory quantities:

  1. From the Inventory page (above). Change the quantity in the On-hand column

  2. From the Bulk Editor page (click the "Bulk Editor" button on the Inventory page)

  3. Click on a Product's title. This takes you to the Product Details page for that Product. You can then update the quantity

  4. Via CSV Spreadsheet (see below)

If you have a lot of products, you can export a spreadsheet with all of your Product SKUs and quantities. Then, make changes to quantities in the spreadsheet. Last, re-import the updated file to Sellbrite. This will update your on-hand quantities.

Learn more here: How to Adjust Inventory

The bottom line is, you don't want to send inventory quantities to your channels if you haven't confirmed the quantities are accurate.

Once your inventory quantities are confirmed to be correct, you're ready to enable Inventory Sync for each of your channels.


Inventory FAQ

Q: I have inventory in FBA that's available for sale. Why are my FBA quantities all showing 0?

A: FBA inventory quantities are delivered from FBA to Sellbrite on an interval schedule. If your FBA quantities are all displaying as 0, you'll just need to wait until Amazon sends the quantities to Sellbrite. This can take up to 12 hours for the first update to appear in Sellbrite.

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