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Step 5: Confirming Your Inventory Quantities
Step 5: Confirming Your Inventory Quantities

In Go-Live Step 5, check that your inventory is accurate before using Sellbrite to push new quantities out to your channels.

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Syncing inventory is a core function of Sellbrite. However, before activating this feature, it's important to ensure the accuracy of your current inventory quantities. Otherwise, Sellbrite may sync inaccurate inventory to listings. Consider inventory quantities as your inventory master sheet, reflecting the true count of on-hand inventory.

You can check your inventory quantities by clicking Products > Inventory.

This page provides a quick overview of your current inventory in the "on-hand" column. However, relying only on this column for confirming inventory quantities may not be the most efficient method if you have a large number of products.

If this is the case, you have the option to export your quantities as a CSV file. This can make confirming your inventory much easier if you work better with spreadsheets. To export your inventory quantities to a CSV, simply navigate to Settings > Export Data > Inventory > All Data.

While reviewing your inventory, you might notice some quantities need adjustment. Sellbrite offers a few different ways to update your inventory: using the Inventory Page, the bulk editor, or by using a CSV file. To learn more about how to best update your inventory quantities, check out our Adjust Inventory Quantities in Sellbrite article.

The key takeaway is to ensure the accuracy of your inventory quantities before enabling Inventory Sync and prevent you from overselling.


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