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Step 4: Linking listings to products
Step 4: Linking listings to products

In Go-Live Step 4, learn what "Linking" means, and why linking is essential for Sellbrite to work properly.

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What is linking?

Linking enables the flow of data between your Sellbrite product catalog and your listings, ensuring that your channels are consistently updated with inventory quantities and other product information.

For example, a single product can be linked to a listing on Amazon, eBay and Shopify. If it's sold on Shopify, Sellbrite will automatically update the inventory quantities on Amazon and eBay.

Listings can be linked to your products automatically by simply running a listing import from your sales channels, or you can manually link your listings if needed.

Automatically link listings (Recommended)

Once your product catalog is set up in Sellbrite, you will want to import all of your listings from each sales channel. A listing import pulls all listings from the selected channel and automatically links them to your products if the SKUs match.

To run a listing import, navigate to Settings > Import Data. From this page, select the sales channel you want to import from.

When running a Listing Import, Sellbrite gives you the option to build products from the listings being imported. We don't recommend selecting this option unless you're rebuilding your product catalog. Choosing not to enable this prevents the risk of duplicating products for those without matching SKUs. In these instances, the listings remain unlinked, allowing you to manually associate them with existing products.

Manually link listings

If your SKUs don't match across your channels, or some listings are missing SKUs, you'll need to manually link each listing to its corresponding product in Sellbrite.

To link a listing to a product, navigate to "Listings" then select the channel you just imported from. Use the filters on the left side of the page to view only unlinked listings. If none appear, you're all set—there are no unlinked listings for this channel.

Hover your cursor over the "Unlinked" icon next to the product image and you'll see the option to link the listing to a product (do not select the build a product option unless the products does not exist in Sellbrite).

A pop-up will appear, giving you the ability to search for a corresponding product. The listing's SKU will be searched by default, but you can use any keywords needed to find the right product.

Click "Select" and the listing will be linked to that Product.

If you find your Listing linked to the wrong Product, just click "(unlink)" to remove the link, then repeat the process above.

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