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Step 1: Connect your Sales Channels
Step 1: Connect your Sales Channels

Connecting your sales channels is the first step to going live with Sellbrite

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One of the first steps to go live is connecting your sales channels to Sellbrite.

After connecting a sales channel, Sellbrite will automatically import your listings. Once all your channels are connected, you can create your product catalog in Sellbrite from the sales channel of your choice. Your products will be created using the information from your listings, though this process is further explained in Step 2.

Connect your first sales channel

NOTE: You can connect more than one of each channel type. For example, if you have two Shopify stores, you can connect both. Keep in mind that each connected account will count as a separate channel for your plan.

  • If you have just signed up for an account, you'll first see a setup guide when you log into Sellbrite. To begin setting up your account, click the "Connect your channels" button.

  • First, you will select the sales channels you want to connect.

  • Provide a nickname for the account and click "Connect Your Account." You be taken through a quick connection process that varies from channel to channel, but typically only requires you to provide your login credentials.

  • Sellbrite will immediately begin to import the listing information. Don't worry, Sellbrite is only importing the data - no information is sent back to the channel in this step, so your listings will not be changed or affected in any way.

  • Once all of your channels are connected, click the "No more channels - Next" button to continue. You are now finished with Step 1!

Before you move forward to building your Products in Sellbrite, make sure you know what series of steps you should take to build them, which we cover in the next article.

Connecting Additional Channels

If you want to connect more sales channels to your account after completing the Setup Guide or do not see the Setup Guide, watch the below video. It contains detailed instructions and tips on how to connect each type of channel.


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