What is Deliverr?

Learn about what Deliverr is, and how to automate fulfillment using Deliverr

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Sellbrite offers a integration with Deliverr, an FBA alternative for multi-channel businesses who need help warehousing and shipping products for their sales channels. Any eCommerce seller who wants to expand to Walmart, or leverage Walmart or eBay’s fast shipping programs should take a look!

Here's why you should consider Deliverr through Sellbrite:

  • Simple, affordable pricing competitive with FBA's multi-channel fulfillment rates

  • Pre-approved access to fast shipping programs like Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping and eBay Guaranteed Delivery

  • Hassle-free setup gets you started in a few clicks

  • Automated fulfillment and inventory management for any sales channel, powered by Sellbrite

If you're interested in trying out Deliverr with a few of your top selling items, click here to create your free account and get a full preview of your expected fulfillment rates.

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