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Connect Flexport to Sellbrite
Connect Flexport to Sellbrite

Learn how to connect your Flexport account to Sellbrite and set up your inventory.

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If you sell on marketplaces like Walmart or eBay, Flexport can help increase your sales by making your listings eligible for Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping and eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

Step 1: Sign up for Sellbrite

If you're coming to Sellbrite from Flexport, be sure that you sign up for an account through this sign up page.

Step 2: Connect your sales channels and import your listings/products

Now that you have created a Sellbrite account, you will need to import your existing listings and build a product catalog. To connect Walmart, eBay, or any other sales channels, click Connect your channels on the landing page.

Provide the login credentials needed to connect your channels. When a channel is connected, Sellbrite will automatically begin importing your listings. Don't worry, Sellbrite is only importing your listings, no information is sent back to your channels during set up.

Click "No more channels - Next" when you are done.

Lastly, you will need to pick a channel from which to build your products. This means that the listing data Sellbrite imports will also be used to create a product catalog in your account. Building products is essential to managing your inventory and ensuring that Flexport is fulfilling your orders.

Step 3: Create Flexport account and enter your Sellbrite API credentials

While submitting your information on the Flexport sign up page, be sure to select Sellbrite as your listing tool.

On step 2 of the signup process, Flexport will require you to provide your Sellbrite Account Token and Secret Key. To locate these credentials, log into your Sellbrite account and go to Settings > API. Copy your Account Token and Secret Key from this page, and paste them in the Flexport sign up page.

The last step of the sign up page will prompt you to send inventory to Flexport. Once completed, Flexport will automatically create a warehouse in your Sellbrite account.

NOTE: This warehouse will automatically default to the bottom of your warehouse priority list for each channel. If you want Flexport to be your default warehouse, be sure to drag and drop your Flexport warehouse to be priority #1 in your channel settings.

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