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Enabling Free 2-Day Shipping tags with Flexport
Enabling Free 2-Day Shipping tags with Flexport

Learn how to ensure that 2-Day Shipping tags show up on your listings.

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Flexport makes your setup fast and easy by automatically pulling in your Product SKUs from Sellbrite once you create an account. This doesn't mean you need to send all of your products to Flexport immediately, but if you decide to have them fulfill an item late, it will be easy.

There are 2 things to do to ensure you can activate your 2-Day Shipping tags:

1. Use Product SKU for Inbound Shipments

When sending inventory to a Flexport warehouse, make sure you use the Product SKU from Sellbrite. You do NOT want to use the Walmart Listing SKU, which can be different.

1. Match Walmart Listing SKU to Sellbrite Product SKU

To ensure your 2-Day Shipping tags get activated as fast as possible, make sure your Walmart Listing SKU matches your Product SKU in Sellbrite. If the listing was created in Sellbrite, this will be done by default.

If the listing was imported from Walmart, it's possible that it doesn't match what you used to build your Products in Sellbrite.

To update a SKU on Walmart, find the listing in Sellbrite. Within the Vital Info tab, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the product page and copy the product SKU.

  2. Navigate back to your Walmart listing and click the "Update with new SKU" box.

  3. Paste the Product SKU into the SKU field on your Walmart listing.

  4. Publish the change.

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