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Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
Using FBA to fulfill non-Amazon orders
Using FBA to fulfill non-Amazon orders

Learn how to fulfill your multichannel orders by sending them to FBA automatically or manually.

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Sellbrite allows you to use your FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) inventory to fulfill orders from other marketplaces, such as Etsy, eBay, Google, etc.

You can send your orders to Amazon for fulfillment manually, or set up Sellbrite to do this automatically for you.

Automatically Send Orders to FBA

NOTE: This option will automatically send your orders to Fulfillment by Amazon within 20 minutes of the order coming into Sellbrite, so make sure you read and understand these instructions before enabling this option.

Navigate to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations. From this page, select the sales channel you would like to enable FBA for.

This will take you to your Channel Settings page. Scroll down until you see your warehouse locations and you will see an option to toggle on "FBA Auto-Fulfillment."

You will also want to make sure that your FBA warehouse is in the Active Warehouse column and prioritized as you see fit. If your FBA warehouse is not the top priority warehouse, orders won't be routed to FBA unless your priority warehouse is out of stock.

With FBA Auto-Fulfillment enabled, you can also map your shipping speeds. This means you will be assigning one of the three FBA shipping speeds to the various speeds offered by that sales channel.

Sellbrite does this automatically for you, but you can make adjustments if necessary.

Manually Send Orders to FBA

If you choose not to use FBA Auto-Fulfillment, Sellbrite will still assign an order to your FBA warehouse, but the order won't be sent to FBA until you send it manually.

To do this, locate the order by going to the Orders page. Your order should be under the "Ready to Ship" tab.

When you open the order, your FBA warehouse should be visible under the "Ships From" column. Click on the "Send to FBA" button towards the top of page.

NOTE: fulfillment speed will be "Standard" by default. You will need to adjust it if your customer selected a faster ship speed within the sales channel.

Additionally, if the order contains more than one item, you can choose to send specific items to FBA, and fulfill the remaining items yourself.

Once the order is sent to FBA, a shipment will appear on the order. This will show the estimated Ship Date for the product. The order will also be moved into the Shipping tab of your Orders page.

After Amazon ships the order, the actual Ship Date will appear, along with tracking info. Tracking info will then be sent to the original sales channel, and the order will be marked shipped.

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