Before reading this article, you should be familiar with how FBA works with Sellbrite. Learn more about how FBA works with Sellbrite here.

Sellbrite allows for multiple warehouse locations. Your FBA inventory is tracked in a separate warehouse location within Sellbrite than your default warehouse inventory. This means you can manage both your FBA inventory and your local inventory at once, and both will be used for inventory syncing purposes (the sum of the Available inventory from each warehouse).


Inventory Syncing with FBA Inventory

The quantity reflected on your sales channels for each listing is the combined Available quantity of all active warehouses on each channel.

Learn more about managing warehouse locations on each channel here.

By default, your FBA inventory will be included in the total Available inventory that is synced to each channel. So if you have 5 units of a product in your default warehouse and 10 units at FBA, your total available inventory will be 15.

Any Inventory Rules you have set will be applied to the total Available inventory before the inventory is synced.


Disabling Your FBA Warehouse on a Channel

If you do not want to use FBA inventory quantities on a particular sales channel, you can simply disable the FBA Warehouse for that channel.

To do this, go to the Channel Settings page for the sales channel you want to adjust. You can get there by going to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations > Edit (desired sales channel).

(In this example, we will disable an FBA warehouse for a Shopify account).

You'll see your Active Warehouse locations right underneath your Inventory Rules. Simply find the FBA warehouse on the list to the left, and drag it over to the right:

Your FBA inventory will no longer be available on this sales channel.


Listing FBA Products on Other Channels

If your products are not yet live for sale on your other sales channels, you'll need to create listings for those products.

Learn more about creating listings from Sellbrite here.

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