What is a Product?

Learn how products work in Sellbrite.

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The physical items that you stock and sell are represented in Sellbrite as Products.

Your products in Sellbrite contain all of the information about the items you sell, such as the name, description, images, etc. The quantity of Products you have in stock is your Inventory, which also contains the cost of the products.

Product attributes include the following:

Manufacturer and Model Number
Dimensions and Weight

Sellbrite uses products to help you create listings and manage inventory for your business. Your products are the heart of the Sellbrite system, and the first thing you need to do is get your products created in Sellbrite.

There are 3 ways to create products in Sellbrite:

Products can be automatically built from listings imported into Sellbrite from your sales channels. Learn more here.

2) In bulk from a CSV file (spreadsheet)

Products can be loaded from another system in bulk using our easy CSV template. Learn more here.

3) Manually through the Sellbrite interface

You can create products easily using the Sellbrite interface. Learn more here.

Once your products are created, you will be able to add/adjust inventory for them, as well as create new listings for them on your sales channels.

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