Why you need SKUs

Learn why SKUs are required in Sellbrite. Learn how to use (or create) a SKU System for your business.

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What is a SKU?

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique identifier assigned to each product in your inventory. SKUs help manage inventory and distinguish between different products. They help you maintain organize and efficient operations within the online marketplaces.

How does Sellbrite use SKUs?

In addition to common SKU use cases, Sellbrite relies SKUs to automatically "link" a Product to its listings.

If a listing doesn't have a SKU or if its SKU doesn't match the product, Sellbrite can't automatically link them. When a product isn't linked to a listing, its inventory won't sync. In these cases, you will need to manually link listings to products.

Will my SKUs work with Sellbrite?

Sellbrite is compatible with SKUs that include letters, numbers, hyphens, spaces, periods, and underscores.

It's important to note that SKUs starting with one or more zeros may encounter issues when exported to a CSV file. Excel and most spreadsheet tools truncate leading zeros by default. However, this can be resolved through simple formatting adjustments.

What If I Don't Have SKUs?

If your products don't have SKUs, it's critical to assign them SKUs before you begin using Sellbrite. Check out our blog post for guidance on creating an effective SKU system.

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