How does Sellbrite work?

Get a high level look at how Sellbrite functions.

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Sellbrite helps you list and sell your Products on multiple marketplaces, giving you one central interface to control your listings and prevent overselling.

Imagine a bicycle wheel with a hub in the center and spokes that shoot out from it. This is how Sellbrite works:

The hub of the wheel is your Products in Sellbrite. Products are where you add data like descriptions, features, images, and any custom attributes you need.

The spokes of the wheel are your Listings. Listings are created from Products, and they remain linked to Products so that Sellbrite knows where to adjust inventory if you sell an item on a channel. One Product can link to one or more listings on every channel you have in Sellbrite.

Take a Tour of Sellbrite

This 4-minute video will give you an overview of how Sellbrite is designed, so you know where to go for each function.

Don't forget to also check out our webinars. You can watch a recorded version of those webinars here.

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